Heavy Duty Torch Lights

Raptor’s high-quality heavy duty torch lights and pocket torch lights can help users in many different ways. They’re available in various styles, designs and shades of colour, enabling you to comfortably hold them and easily walk through dark areas.

Raptor is a renowned supplier of powerful torches for industrial applications. The heavy duty torch lights and pocket torch lights we stock come with their own unique performance-related features, making it easy to find the right torch for your needs among our extensive selection of powerful torches. Browse through our range of heavy duty torch lights and pocket torch lights today to find what you need.

Features of Our Powerful Torches

  • Ultra Bright LED light
  • COB worklamp
  • High output COB Strip for larger areas
  • Base Magnet will attach to most metal surfaces to allow for hands-free work
  • Battery operated (included)
  • Compact size – perfect for pockets, glove boxes, and purses
  • Low heat output and power consumption
  • Long service life
  • No bulbs to change
  • Lightweight

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If you’re looking for either a heavy duty torch light or a pocket torch light, you can rely on Raptor’s range of powerful torches to meet your lighting requirements. For more information on our selection of quality torch light products, contact  our knowledgeable team today by calling (02) 4620 6513. We’ll be happy to help you find the right type of lighting products for your specific requirements.
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