Rodent Control Products

If mice are lurking around your property, you’ll need an effective rodent control product to solve this problem and stop any more of these pests from coming back. Raptor offers the EASY’O Mouse Trap to help stop the infestation happening on your property. As one of the most trusted names in rodent control solutions, we can provide you with a mouse trap that are built to professional standards and are safe for both humans and pets to be around.

How Our Traps Work

The Easy’O four hole choker trap is a chemical-free product that’s suitable for all mice control applications and can be placed anywhere on a property, including pet cages and farming areas.

This trap has a central prong located underneath the trap which is where you place a piece of food to use as bait. Hook every nudge bar on the top part of the trap over the spring loaded loop. The trap should be placed close to a wall where the rodents most frequently appear. When the rodent tries to grab the bait, the trap releases the prong which will quickly and humanely kill the rodent.

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