Coloured Nylon Cable Ties

Colour Coded Cable Ties

Raptor is one of Australia’s leading nylon cable tie wholesalers, stocking a huge selection of high-quality nylon colour coded cable ties suitable for many different industries and load bearing requirements. Also known as multi coloured zip ties, our durable coloured cable ties are designed for indoor usage and are available in different sizes to provide users with the right length, width and strength needed.

Using colour coded cable ties is a great way to instantly identify or distinguish cable bundles by type, inspection status or security level. Whether you need multi coloured cable ties that will stand out or blend in, Raptor is sure to have the right coloured zip ties for your requirements.

Colours Available

  • Blue
  • Green
  • Orange
  • Purple
  • Red
  • Yellow
  • Army Green
  • Pink

Get What You Need from Raptor Today

Raptor can supply you with any type of colour coded cable ties you need. For more information on our selection of multi coloured cable ties.get in touch with our team today by calling (02) 4620 6513. You can count on us to help you find the right multi coloured zip ties for you.