Natural Nylon Cable Ties

Natural Nylon Cable Ties

Raptor is proud to stock a great range of long lasting and high-strength natural cable ties made out of natural coloured nylon. These cable ties are designed to be used indoors. Installation tools are not necessary to use for securing bundles, but are recommended to ensure controlled and uniform tension.

Our nylon cable ties are available in both small and large sizes to suit specific length, width and strength requirements. All natural cable ties we have in stock have tremendous strength, holding power and tensile capacity, and are easily adjustable due to their one piece, injection moulded design. Please note the strength ratings of each of our nylon cable ties will be different depending on the size of each individual tie.

Applications of Our Natural Nylon Cable Ties

  • Secures hoses, poles, pipes and tubing
  • Secures and organises cables and wiring
  • Bundles cables and wires
  • Tidies and organises cables

Features of Natural Cable Ties

  • Made of Nylon 66 material
  • Temperature range of -40°C to 85°C
  • Halogen free
  • Flame retardant
  • Smooth round edges
  • Adjustable and closely spaced locking teeth
  • No metal parts
  • Bent tip for easy pick up, insertion and pull-up

Natural Cable Sizes Available

  • 100mm x 2.5mm
  • 150mm x 3.6mm
  • 200mm x 4.8mm
  • 250mm x 4.8mm
  • 300mm x 4.8mm
  • 370mm x 4.8m
  • 370mm x 7.6mm
  • 450mm x 7.6mm
  • 550mm x 7.6mm
  • 1220mm x 9mm

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Raptor’s natural cable ties are renowned throughout the industry for their high quality, durability and suitability for a wide range of requirements. Contact us today by calling (02) 4620 6513 for more information on our natural cable products.