Raptor Heat Shrink Bulk Length Rolls

Raptor Heat Shrink Bulk Length Rolls


  • Ø1.5mm, 200m Roll, Black: HSRB1.5/200
  • Ø3mm, 200m Roll, Black: HSRB3/200
  • Ø4mm, 200m Roll, Black: HSRB4/200
  • Ø5mm, 100m Roll, Black: HSRB5/100
  • Ø6mm, 100m Roll, Black: HSRB6/100
  • Ø10mm, 100m Roll, Black: HSRB10/100
  • Ø13mm, 100m Roll, Black: HSRB13/100
  • Ø16mm, 100m Roll, Black: HSRB16/100
  • Ø20mm, 100m Roll, Black: HSRB20/100
  • Ø30mm, 25m Roll, Black: HSRB30/25


  • Make: Black Heat Shrink Bulk Rolls
  • Heatshrink Rate: 2.1
  • Model: Part Number Listed Above
  • Category: Heat Shrink Tube
  • Stock ID: ID Listed above


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